DNA Center

Paternity Testing

Legal Paternity Test

Determine who the father is.

DNA paternity testing determines the biological father-child relationship. Every individual’s DNA or genetic fingerprint is unique except for identical twins. Our DNA does not change once it is formed at conception. We all inherit our parents genetic materials (DNA) that make who we are physically and biologically. DNA testing is the most advanced and accurate technology to determine parentage. Our tests are court admissible, 99.99% accurate and completely confidential. To determine paternity, the alleged father, the child, and (if desired) the mother participate in the DNA test. Mother’s participation is optional and helps to exclude half of the child’s DNA fingerprint inherited from her, making the data analysis easier.

Infidelity Testing

Test for Semen, male DNA, female DNA (Vaginal fluids) other than yours or your spouses.

If you suspect your spouse or mate is being unfaithful The Tucson DNA Forensic Infidelity Test can detect the presence of DNA (semen or vaginal fluids) from a sample to compare.

First we will conduct a viability test to make sure there is more than one viable DNA present for testing. If yes, we will compare DNA samples provided for a comparison.

Prenatal Paternity Test

Used to determine paternity of a child before the child is born. This can be a LEGAL or personal test. This test is 100% safe for mother and baby. Test includes blood draw from alleged father and biological mother.

The process is state-of-the-art, working with the latest in DNA SNP microarray technology and proprietary methods of preserving and analyzing the baby's DNA found naturally in the mother's bloodstream.

  • Accurate results in just 5 business days
  • Requires a simple blood collection from the mother & alleged father (The child's DNA is found naturally in the mother's blood)
  • Test can be performed starting in the 9th week of pregnancy
  • Tucson DNA Center has over 1,500 blood collection locations available

Full Sibling DNA Test

Determine whether two (or more) individuals share both parents in common.

Half Sibling DNA Test

Determine whether two (or more) individuals share one parent in common.

Duo Grandparentage DNA Test

Determine Grandparentage for grandfather, grandmother and grandchild.

Single Grandparentage Test

Determine Grandparentage for a single grandparent and grandchild.

Aunt/Uncle DNA Test

Determine and Uncle (or Aunt) and Nephew (or Niece) relationship.

1st Cousin DNA Test

Determine whether two (or more) individuals are first cousins.

Twin Zygosity Test

Determine whether twins (or triplets, etc.) are identical or fraternal.